Ben Comic Graphics

I’m a Responsive Web Designer, Hobby Cartoonist, and Email Design Guru. I’m ready to help you.

Responsive Web Design

Code once, display everywhere is the motto behind responsive web design. Using the latest in CSS3, HTML5 and jQuery, a seamless experience across all devices with SEO-friendly structure is what I promise. I have been writing responsive websites for over 3 years, specializing with several different CMS’s and frameworks, including WordPress, Drupal, Joomla.

Illustration and Cartooning

I’ve been a hobby cartoonist for almost 10 years, having drawn and managed over 3 online comics in my career. Being a cartoonist is more than knowing how to draw, but also knowing how to manage assets and scheduling, including website management and working with other various artists. Vector Art is also a passion of mine, as you can see by the artwork on this site.

Email Design

Email Design has always been a moving target that’s hard to hit. Knowing the latest in Web Standards might actually be a detriment in understanding the world of Email Design. I am one of those few that can jump from one world to the other. Not only can I promise email design that looks the same across all email platforms, but also responsive email design. I also have my own email marketing platform, 2-Cent Mail.

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